The difference between a dealer and a distributor is as follows:
A Dealer is a person or company who installs and programs the UNICHIP and sells it to the general public.
A distributor is a person or company who wants to set up his own dealer network in a country and supply the UNICHIP to these dealers. Normally the distributor also installs and programs Unichips in order to have first hand experience with the product and new model vehicles. In very small countries exceptions are made and are handled on a one on one basis.
Please read the dealership page for more basic information about the UNICHIP.
If your country does not already have a distributor you are invited to read the information below and fill in the application form.
What we normally look for is someone who can set up a network of dealers in an area. This person will have to distribute the product to the dealers/installers as well as give them training etc. He should also have some marketing experience. There is quite a handsome profit to be made by the distributor. The distributor will have to be able to trace the wiring on new vehicles, update the manual for his country etc. The distributor will also have to have the right equipment and a reasonable financial backing to carry stock. The most important equipment required for a distributor is obviously a good stable and sensitive loading type dynamometer. A decent gas analyser and oscilloscope will also be needed. Experience in reading oscilloscopes will help. Whatever experience is lacking, training can be organised but this will be done in South Africa.

If you are interested please fill in the questionnaire below:
Please note: If you don't have all the equipment and services it does not automatically mean you don't qualify



Company name

Email address

Physical address

Country (important)

Telephone number

Fax number

Do you have a loading dynamometer or access to one yourself?

If you have a dynamometer what make and model is it?

Roughly how many loading dynamometers are there in your country?

Do you have a gas analyser?

If you have a gas analyser what make and model is it?

Do you have an Air Fuel Ratio meter?

Have you mapped any cars yourself and if so, how many?

If you have mapped cars before what system/s did you use?

Can you read an oscilloscope and do you have any electronic / electrical background?

How long have you been in business with the same company?

How much mechanical background do you have?

How many people do you employ?

Do you have any people in your employ who has the experience listed above?