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Welcome to the new age of tuning computerised vehicles. Over the years the coming of the computer did marvels for the automotive industry. Unfortunately workshops lost all control over the tuning of these vehicles. Even the slightest idling problem cannot be cured by the non-franchised workshop. In most cases even the authorised agents cannot cure these problems. In short, the tuning of computerised vehicles became nearly impossible.

The UNICHIP gives the properly trained technician full control over the timing and mixture functions of most electronically controlled vehicles. Not only can mixtures and timing be set, but also it can be set under various load and RPM conditions. This gives one the ability to optimise the vehicle for economy under light load conditions and set it up for optimum performance under full-throttle conditions.

The UNICHIP is much more than just a "chip". In actual fact it is a fully functioning computer which is added to the vehicle’s existing engine control unit (ECU). Apart from controlling general timing and mixtures it can do idling control, drive extra injectors, take full control over timing functions, eliminate road speed governors etc. It can be accurately described as a "Piggyback" computer.

The UNICHIP gets wired into the existing ECU harness. If it is removed the vehicle is back to standard. Unlike other after-market units if the UNICHIP is programmed with zeros the vehicle will be standard. Only areas where the vehicle isn’t perfect need to be altered.

The main difference between other after-market "chips" and the UNICHIP is that with the UNICHIP every individual vehicle is optimised. It is not just a chip that was made on one particular vehicle and then gets used on other similar vehicles.

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