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History of the DASTEK dynamometer.

DASTEK dynamometers were originally designed for the exclusive use of our own dynamometer operators. This came about after the intention of buying a new dynamometer for our own use.To our shock we discovered that not even the latest state of the art chassis dynamometers could function closely as well as our old machine which we upgraded ourselves over the years.

We then set out to design the perfect rolling road dynamometer for our own use. As time went by more and more dynamometer operators saw the functionality, stability and sensitivity of our own dynamometer. As a result enquiries started flowing in for requests for dynamometers. To date we haven’t been able to manufacture enough units so we could actually have one in stock for immediate resale. Each dynamometer is individually hand built to the exact precision which we demanded for our own machines.

We continuously strive to improve on the product. It has reached a level where we can truly say that these chassis dynamometers are now far more stable and sensitive than most engine dynamometers!


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