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Becoming a UNICHIP dealer is the only way to ensure a future in today’s tuning industry. It is a universal piggyback computer system designed and developed by a tuner especially for tuners. 7 years of development has ensured that the software and installation and programming is as easy and fast as possible.

The truth of the matter is that very few tuners can still tune cars today. We have not come across a tuner yet, who wasn’t impressed by the system and didn’t want to get involved. In 1999 almost 200 tuners became UNICHIP dealers. The dealers across the planet are close to 300 and growing at a daily rate. The biggest reason why the UNICHIP has out performed other chips in every single test done by independent institutions is that every car is tuned individually. Because no two cars are the same it is impossible to write one map which fits all vehicles. With the UNICHIP a vehicle can be re-programmed faster than with any other system.

On most electronically controlled cars the timing and fuelling can be set at thirteen different throttle positions in 400 RPM steps. It is basically an extra computer which gets added to the vehicle. If the Unichip is programmed with zeros the car is standard. At any given RPM and Load points the timing is made faster or slower, the fuel richer or leaner until the desired tuning for that point is achieved. It is not needed to do all the available points (over 300) the Unichip will automatically fill in logical values between tuned points.

The Unichip is by far the most advanced piggyback system in the world.

It basically alters crank and load signals. The latest level can do boost control, water injection, nitrious injection with extra maps which are activated only once the water or nitrious becomes active. It can cut the nitrious at specified Rpm point as well as map the amount of water or nitrious versus RPM. It records the maximum RPM and boost for engine guarantee purposes and many other things. It can do launch control, drive extra injectors, accel enrichment, drive manifold flaps or cam solenoids and has many other functions.

We have three basic units. The one is for cars with distributors or few teeth on the crank signal. (Toyota, Nissan, some VW, some American cars, Subaru etc.) The next version is for cars with 60 minus two crank sensors (Typical Motronic like used on Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Hyundai, Daewoo, Opel, newer VW etc.) The third version is for cars with 36 minus one or 36 minus two sensors, (Very latest level Toyota and Fords). We can do most of the cars on the market we know of but continuously develop the system to accommodate new cars. Any of the units can be set up in software to handle MAP, VAF, MAF, frequency based MAP or frequency based MAF sensors. We have manuals with detailed drawings for most of the cars as well as a detailed manual with instructions.

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